Now Call 112 for Emergency in India

 Now Call 112 for Emergency in India

Dial 112.....Trin Trin

Hello 112, What is your Emergency?

Yes, just like 911 in the US, the overall emergency number in India is now 112. Dial 112 is a combined number for Police, Fire, and Women helpline. Sooner 108 ambulance service will also be linked with Dial 112 number for overall country.

18 States Providing  Dial 112 Services.

As per Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the Dial 112 service will be active in the overall country by next year, 18 states which are currently providing emergency response services through Dial 112...

  1. Himachal Pradesh
  2. Nagaland
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Uttrakhand
  5. Panjab
  6. Kerala
  7. Madhya Pradesh
  8. Rajsthan
  9. Uttar Pradesh
  10. Telangana
  11. Tamilnadu
  12. Gujrat
  13. Panducheri
  14. Lakshdweep
  15. Andmaan
  16. Dadarnagar Haveli
  17. Damandiv
  18. Jammu Kashmir

How Dial 112 Works?

Whenever you Dial 112, a representative in the phone will confirm your emergency within pre-decided time limits it may be 30 sec to one minute and within this time limits, he or she will confirm your location address and dispatch your required services to you. 

For better coordination, you will be further contacted by the persons who are coming to provide you services. After providing services to you the team moves back to their base location if no other call is pending to response. If you want to know how these teams i.e. Dial 112 ambulance work and how their work is monitored, please let us know in the comment box we will surely provide you a piece of good information in a new article.

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